Thank you for visiting BackWoods Bullies!  We are located in Lancaster, PA and are a small family breeder who loves to raise, breed and show our OEB's. All of our OEB's live in house with us and are well socialized. We take regular trips to the local pet stores and they love to visit family. They are very playful, loyal and protectors, but most of all they are great companions. They truly keep us entertained and guessing at what they are going to do next. Our goals are to breed healthy, structurally correct OEB's with great temperaments that stand out in the show ring.

This is George. He was our first OEB and we purchased him from a pet store. We did our research of the breed but not the breeder. After we registered him, I spent months trying to track down the dogs in his pedigree. I found nothing. George is a great dog but he does have minor skin issues and his temperament was starting to take a turn for the worse. As we only breed healthy OEB's we decided that George would not fit our breeding program and we had him neutered. He will live his life out with us just being George. 
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Stacy & Glenn McLaren                                                    
International Olde English Bulldogge Assoc.   
 All of our dogs are registered with International Olde English Bulldogge Association
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